runday came to VEEDOO as a startup. It was a crazy idea that needed a home, a website, a mobile app, a users registration system and a LOT of promoting – all in multiple languages.


  • A multi-language website
  • User registration system
  • Database of results
  • Android race-management app
  • Social Media Marketing based around a network of Facebook pages to promote their events and activities
  • Promotional graphics & videos
  • T-shirts, bracelets and other promotional items
  • Email Marketing


To deliver an affordable and scalable solution for runday, we built a website and content management system using WordPress. We developed a number of enhancements to enable user registrations, a race database called ‘RUDY’ and a race management app to run the weekly events using any Android smartphone.

Additional services: 

  • Setup & management of a network of Facebook pages and other social media accounts
  • Creative graphic design
  • Video marketing
  • Design & production of promotional items and giveaways

Registered Users

Event Locations

Total km run


In just 15 months runday grew from a single event in one location, to an international running movement with weekly events taking place in three countries. Every week, hundreds of runners join runday events, track their times online and share their ideas and experiences online and on social media.

Volunteers use our free mobile App to record and upload race results and our integrated website and database makes it easy for national organisers to communicate with members, wherever they are!

runday has been a huge success and we are happy to have played an important role in their story.


An Immersive User Experience

From signup to attendance, runday users have the info they need, when they need it, and in their chosen language. From weekly newsletters and event invites, to promotional videos and media – we have helped runday create an unforgettable experience both online and at their weekly events.

Scalable Technology

Growing from zero to more than 4,000 members in just over a year, runday has seen impressive growth and the technology used has been tested to it’s limits. With VEEDDOO’s support, runday has been able to handle this growth smoothly and without problems.

Extensive Media Coverage

Our creative content and ambitious PR operation has attracted a lot of attention and really helped to create a buzz around runday. The movement has appeared on numerous TV and radio stations, in the local and national press and in countless blogposts and online articles.