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Our portals and project sites are perfect for membership organisations and business groups.

Such organisations often need to juggle the desire to communicate effectively with the complex needs of different stakeholders.

The Veedoo team has the experience and patience to navigate complex, and sometime competing requirements - delivering results that everyone can be proud of.

Veedoo Project: American Chamber of Commerce

The American Chamber of Commerce needed a modern, engaging website that was both visually impressive but also informative, usable and deeply integrated with the Customer Relationship Management software. Click to see the results!

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Veedoo Project: Lifeline Ukraine

As a donor-funded project and Ukraine's only national suicide prevention hotline - Lifeline Ukraine needed a website that engages it's various stakeholders, and a social media campaign that raises the profile of the organisation. Veedoo delivered both and enjoy a long-running relationship to support the work of this excellent and much-needed organisation.

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Veedoo Project: ERTICO

Veedoo has supported ERTICO - ITS Europe for many years, delivering everything from large corporate sites, to smaller project sites in support of their EU funded research work. ERTICO projects are often a collaboration between teams and countries, so delivering high quality results requires a good understanding of these dynamics.

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Veedoo Project: EU Neighbours East

The EU Neighbours East team were handed an almighty challenge. They needed to migrate a huge amount of content from an old CMS, into a a modern, well structured and easy to manage solution - all in 8 languages. They turned to Veedoo and you can see the results here.

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Veedoo Project: Everyrun

Everyrun is a large, custom built race management platform to help runners and race organisers. Designed and developed by Veedoo, the platform is packed with features to make running both easy and fun, and comes complete with a custom Android and iOS mobile application.

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Veedoo Project: Ukraine Shelter

Ukraine Shelter launched amidst the chaos and confusion of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Together with a small team of volunteers we launched the site primarily to coordinate incoming offers of help/shelter.

Since then the project has grown and grown, and today we are a sizable team of volunteers, all committed to helping Ukrainians find a safe place to stay away from the dangers and chaos of the Russian war.

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