Gamification of sales



To create a corporate site complete with animation and a simple navigation structure. Elements of the brand Identity (tetris blocks) together with the animated cat have to be core visuals of the website design.


To briefly explain the essence of the Progville recruitment service and show the main advantages of using remote teams. Introduce the company to potential clients, drive people to order remote teams of developers.


Material Design became the main design language and style, but some of the shadow recommendations we solved in our own special way. The design of the site carefully uses vivid bright and clean colours. The main element of the first screen is an animated cat that encourages users to play with him. At the same time, he is selling, saying that you could hire the developer, designer, and an even remote cat. There is a lot of call to actions cross the website to encourage customers to start a new partnership.

Team builder

As the main philosophy of the company is transparency, we developed a "team builder" module, in which everyone can see how much his dream team will cost. This "team builder”- a kind of calculator, which helps to set your dream team for your new project. It allows you to select the right specialist with certain skills and understand what sum you have to pay every month or year. Another advantage is the opportunity to see how much of the total amount will go to the salaries of employees, and how much the company will earn. This was done so that the client could clearly and transparently see the calculation formula. There is no fixed rate for a certain position. It all depends on who the client will choose.

"The website uses fun gamification creatives to solves the main business goal"