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Veedoo develops high-end apps and websites that have a positive impact on society

As a full-service agency we offer software design, development, hosting and support services

  • VEEDOO: Web Development Web Development
  • VEEDOO: Mobile App Development Mobile App Development
  • VEEDOO: Custom Software Development Custom Software Development
  • VEEDOO: Agile Development Agile Development
  • VEEDOO: UX Design UX Design
  • VEEDOO: UI Design UI Design
  • VEEDOO: Animation Animation
  • VEEDOO: Software Support Software Support
  • VEEDOO: Software Architecture Software Architecture
  • VEEDOO: Software Project Management Software Project Management
  • VEEDOO: Outsourcing Outsourcing
  • VEEDOO: Consultancy Consultancy

Our Vision VEEDOO: Vision

To reinvent how organisations share data, publish content and inspire their audiences to act.

Values VEEDOO: Values

  • Simplicity
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • Impact
  • Curiosity
  • Open-minded

Meet Our Clients VEEDOO 'wave' icon

Typically, we work for business groups, membership organisations and government funded projects which need to collect, organise and deliver content to large audiences.

Whether you need a website, app or project management system - let Veedoo take care of your online world, so you can run your business

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