Every project is unique, and so is our approach at Veedoo. From consultancy to multilingual website development, we provide a myriad of services tailored to fit your digital aspirations.
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Our Process

We deliver fast results without compromising quality, valuing your time above all. Our commitment extends beyond development – we're your dedicated digital partners, ready to innovate with AI, Augmented Reality, and tailored software solutions. Join us in shaping the future.
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We initiate the journey by understanding your vision, business, and goals, ensuring our efforts align with your expectations.

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Harnessing industry tools and insights, we meticulously undertake comprehensive market and competitor research. This enables us to pinpoint opportunities, comprehend user expectations, and align our strategies accordingly.

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Web Design

Harmonizing aesthetics with functionality to craft a compelling web presence. Drawing insights from our research phase, we design intuitive and visually appealing interfaces that elevate user experience. We tailor these designs with your target audience in mind, ensuring they resonate with the unique value your website delivers.

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Web Development

Take advantage of our technical proficiency and more than seven years of experience in website and software development, catering to media platforms, membership organisations, and EU projects seeking a prominent online presence. We specialize in managing large volumes of content, secure data storage, privacy, GDPR compliance, member registration functionality, and innovative AI technologies.

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Testing & Launch

We rigorously test your website to guarantee optimal performance and a seamless launch. Our focus lies in refining and addressing any issues before making the website live.

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Support & Maintenance

Following the launch, we offer continuous support, regular updates, and maintenance to ensure your website stays current and consistently provides a stellar user experience.

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Our Web Development Services

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Bespoke Web Development Services

Recognizing your need for a tailored solution, we are pleased to provide you with the finest comprehensive technical solutions.

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Revitalizing Website Design

Allow us to breathe new life into your site, enhancing its visual appeal, functional richness, and overall user experience. This involves updating legacy tech stacks, re-engineering architecture for improved scalability, and integrating innovative features that align with your corporate identity, brand, and the overarching message of your site.

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Seamless Web Integration

Looking to fortify your website by seamlessly integrating key technologies with existing and new systems? Our website development teams excel in deploying appropriate tools, technologies, and frameworks to meet your objectives. Our range of services encompasses data integration, enterprise application integration, data migration and upgrades, API development and integration, quality assurance, and more—ensuring all your requirements are met.

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Expert Technology Consultation

Seeking expert insights for informed technical decisions in today's evolving landscape? We aid businesses in leveraging modern technologies and innovation to shape their strategies and navigate their digital transformation journeys, delivering exceptional and sustainable value from their technology investments.

Other high-quality web development services we provide

AI Web Development Services
Website Maintenance and Support
Web Portal Development
Web Accessibility Compliance
HTML5 Web Design & Development
B2B Portal Development
REST API Development
Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Development
SaaS Development
Enterprise Web Development
Responsive Web Design
WordPress Support
eCommerce Development
CMS Development

Our tech stack & Infrastructure

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What makes Veedoo the best choice for website development services?

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Expertise You Can Trust

Harnessing over 7 years of industry proficiency, Veedoo excels in the precision crafting of websites tailored to meet the unique needs of international entities, membership organisations, EU projects, and prominent media platforms.

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Data Security Assurance

Rest assured, your sensitive data is in secure hands. We prioritize robust data storage solutions to ensure the utmost confidentiality and protection of your information.

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GDPR Compliance Excellence

Embark on the journey of a stable website that not only meets but surpasses all technical prerequisites and compliance standards, ensuring a seamless and secure digital experience.

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UX-focussed Web Designers

Our UX development team specialises in designing accessible, easy-to-use, attractive, reliable, and secure websites for seamless user journeys across all devices.

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Website Hosting & Maintenance 

Comprehensive, proactive website hosting and maintenance solutions for small to enterprise-level websites. We handle everything from setting up or migrating hosting to ongoing website maintenance and updates, ensuring regular support.

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Seamless Content Management

Experience the ease of managing extensive content with our state-of-the-art software solutions. We ensure your information remains consistently up-to-date and effortlessly accessible.

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Multilingual Proficiency

Effortlessly transcend language barriers with our adeptness in crafting multilingual websites, featuring user-friendly translation management for a seamless global reach.

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Leveraging AI Technologies

Embark on a journey into the future with our integrated AI solutions, Augmented Reality apps, and bespoke software offerings.

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Website Migrations

Our expert team ensures a smooth transfer of your old website to a system you control, without losing any previous work and with the ability to enhance its digital presentation on the new website.

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Flexible Scaling & Rapid Execution

Rely on our expert support and direct communication at every phase of your project development. Swift solutions without compromising quality — a testament to our commitment to your time.

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Above & Beyond Support

Our team provides continuous technical support, ensuring your website runs seamlessly without any glitches. We're not just developers; we're your dedicated digital partners.

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Efficient Marketing Automation

Optimize your efforts with our suite of automation tools, encompassing SEO, push notifications, email subscriptions, ad account pixels, and comprehensive digital analytics.

Trusted by EU projects, government institutes, programs, membership organisations

100% of our projects are based on client referrals
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